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NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) naturally decreases as we age and plays a significant role in several biological processes, including mitochondrial function, maintenance of gene expression, metabolism, energy, cell repair, and healthy aging. Naturally boosting declining NAD levels to a more youthful state can be achieved through exercise, fasting, certain foods, and supplementing with NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide). NMN is the precursor molecule for NAD+. This molecule is fundamental for boosting healthy NAD levels within your cells. * Restoring NAD levels to a more youthful state by including REJUV NMN ESSENTIAL™ as part of your health practice may help promote:

  • Enhanced NAD levels *
  • Improved energy and vitality *
  • Cellular maintenance and protection *
  • Decreased hunger *
  • Balanced blood sugar support *
  • Cognitive health, heart health, and more *
  • Nucleotides play a vital role in metabolism at a fundamental, cellular level *

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients: Nicotinamide mononucleotide, NMN (250 mg) 
Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule, plant fiber.

Links: Learn NMN


Anti-aging Resveratrol found in the skins of grapes is a stilbenoid that can activate the protective sirtuin genes. This plant-based antioxidant neutralizes oxidizing free radical compounds that cause degeneration throughout the body and may help promote and stabilize healthy telomere lengths. Resveratrol is also becoming popular in dermatology and cosmetology, where Resveratrol is recognized for its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, stimulating collagen production, and antimicrobial activity.   RESVERA Q™ ANTI-AGING formula includes Quercetin and Bioperine® for optimal bioavailability. Quercetin is an important bioflavonoid that helps maintain and regulate the oxidative balance between free radicals and antioxidants to improve your oxidative balance score (OBS). A higher OBS indicates a prevalence of antioxidant over pro-oxidant exposure leading to more positive health outcomes. *   Activating the protective sirtuin genes with RESVERA Q™ ANTI-AGING as part of your health practice may help promote:

  • Promotes anti-aging properties *
  • Benefits of calorie restriction (weight loss aid) *
  • Mitochondrial function *
  • Activated AMPK to encourage healthy blood glucose levels *
  • Healthy blood lipid profiles *
  • Vigorous antioxidant support *
  • Countering oxidative stress *
  • A healthy inflammatory response *

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 capsule daily with or without food or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.  

Ingredients: Resveratrol 98% Pure (Polygonum cuspidatum root) (250 mg), Quercetin (125 mg), BioPerine® (3 mg) Bioperine 
Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule.  

Links:  ResveraQ – The formula that helps you feel good inside and out


One of the main functions of Berberine is to activate an enzyme inside cells called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). This enzyme has been referred to as a “metabolic master switch.” It is found in the cells of multiple organs, such as the brain, heart, muscle, kidney, and liver. This enzyme plays a significant role in regulating metabolism and can promote healthy cholesterol, gut microbi­ome, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar levels. As we age, our glucose (blood sugar) tolerance can decline and reduce insulin sensitivity. As a result, aging individuals may experience higher-than-recommended blood sugar levels. Over time, high blood sugar levels can expand waistlines, damage the body’s tissues and organs, leading to various health problems and a shortened lifespan.   The active ingredient, Berberine in META-B™ WAISTLINE has a bounty of health benefits to help support:

  • Decreased insulin resistance, making the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin more effective *
  • Increases glycolysis, helping the body break down sugars inside cells. *
  • Decreased sugar production in the liver *
  • Slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut. *
  • Increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut *
  • Increase Energy level *
  • Immune boost to fighting pathogen. *
  • Anti-Aging *
  • Stimulating pro-collagen production in skin cells *
  • Berberine also helps regulate lipid (fat) deposits inside the blood vessels *

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 cap­sules up to 3 times daily a half-hour before a meal or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients: Berberine (250 mg)
Other Ingredients: Medium-chain triglycerides, vegetable capsules, plant fiber.

Link: Learn about META-B Waistline™  

A New You Bundle
A New You Bundle
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